I hope it’s really not too late to ask you to be my val? I hope it isn’t too much to ask either. I have always loved you and always seek an opportunity to show you love and I doubt if it is mutual.

I sit right here waiting for you to spend more time with me rather than your phone but you obviously show more love to it than me. I remain calm all the while you flex and feel happy with other people neglecting me.. I am not jealous neither do I feel bad about it because I want you to be happy though the brutal truth is i am your best companion.

Spending time with me this valentine isn’t enough compensation for all the moments you have left me but it is a good beginning to another journey of us.. I love you and no one else can love you like me after our maker……….


Are you still wondering who I am referring to? Anyway, I am talking about SELF!

Yes, be the val to yourself because in the real sense yourself is the only one who loves you the way you really desire to be loved! Yourself is the only one who can give you the special treat that you need! Yourself is the only one who would be left with you when everyone else is gone! Yourself is the only one who truly loves you endlessly.

Really, falling in love with yourself is supposed to be a continuous thing meaning valentine with yourself isn’t restricted to just a day. Falling in love with yourself is SELF-LOVE! A key to inner peace and uninterrupted balance. It is the way out of heartbreaks, inferiority complex, depression and jealousy.

Trust me, when you master the act of loving yourself, you automatically always do things that makes you happy, you automatically radiate  beauty and love in all you do, you naturally repel things and people who tamper with your happiness and you successfully become proud of who you are, what you have and who you are becoming.

Most importantly, self love gives room for contentment, shields you away from unhealthy competitions and then brings the best In all you do.

I am not against valentine awesome moments, dates, events or what have you, I am only advocating that you nuture your self love more this season than being happy because of people around you..

Happy valentine folks


  • Posted February 14, 2019 9:02 pm
    by Innocent David

    This is mind blowing. keep it up dear!

    • Posted February 15, 2019 9:23 pm
      by Omhawee

      thanks alot

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