I am so exited to share what I just figured out with you in today’s post.


Fashion is vast and dynamic. What it was yesterday might not be what it is today which makes it quite difficult to put up with. If I was to write about this same topic some months ago, i would have said it was just a necessity and that it was not really important.

Furthermore, I would have spoken less of some crucial aspects of fashion too like fashion consultancy, but thank God for my new experience that has proven to me that every aspect of fashion works together to make a complete fashion brand.


A fashion content creator  is someone who is responsible for the contribution of information to any  fashion media and most especially to digital media. They strategically write to target a specific end-user/audience in specific contexts to suite the purpose/goal of what they are writing about. A fashion content creator can contribute any of the following:


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  • Blog posts(one of my favourites!)
  • Email newsletters
  • Social media copy
  • Video marketing/editing
  • documentary(one of my favourites!)
  • eBooks
  • Graphic design
  • …and more!

They can also contribute largely to alot of offline content projects such as brochures, look books, ovations, client packets and so on, but today, i’ll be focusing specifically on  the importance of  fashion content creation.



I always loved to write stories since I was a kid and my parents got one of my short stories published..loooll. I grew up to understand the importance of the stories I wrote and how best it could be used.


Fast forward to the grown up me, when I no longer call myself a story writer, I call myself a content creator or a blogger most of the times and people ask me what I mean.. Just with the introduction of my hobby turn hustle, I see them nod their heads and say I think I need someone like you. 

Let me tell you why you do too.

  1. Content will link you with your right audience.

Your website or social media page acts as the shopfront for your brand and is there to do one job – tell them about what you do just at a glance in simple and understandable words. There are many ingredients that help to accomplish this, but none of these ingredients is complete without matching content.

Let’s take a look at some of the ways content introduce you to your audience:

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  • Each blog or social media post can contain a personal story, so while they are fascinated by your tale, you’re are creating an impression in their minds and telling them what you do.
  • If you sell a fashion product people struggle with( say the maintenance of it, or how to recognize the original product etc) and you write about it showing that you understand what and how they feel, they’ll feel understood and be able to relate to you.
  • Content enables you to use your own voice to share your uniqueness. what’s extra about your fashion brand.
  • It sums up to the whole mission of establishment , values and the “why” behind why you do what you do.
2. Content is the heartbeat of your brand.

I am not arguing the truth that your web design/social media design, images, fonts and colours do make up a huge part of your brand. But content is what triggers the action of people.

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Think of marketing, yes!  visual marketing(the beautiful fashion products people see) as a first impression and content marketing(the good or bad they read or hear about that product) as the impression that lasts.

Visuals don’t give the full message. Imagine i put up a picture of me wearing a nice outfit without a caption….that chaos impression i give people who see that picture is recorded in their minds about me.

Fashion products inevitably are number one involved in these types of marketing stages but alot of fashion prenuers are ignorant about it. Well, no you know. The story of your brand you tell is what builds loyalty (people buy from people, sometimes not because they are the best brands of that particular product but mostly because those brand won their loyalty). In order to tell your brand’s story you need to use words. Words that are clearly understood! Words that are convincing and at the same time mild!

3. Content goes a long way to increase your visibility and traffic.

I love beautiful pictures on social media and websites but what pisses me off is when those pictures font pass the right information. I just can’t bear seeing a series of images wasting away, oh my!.

Apart from impressing your audience with beautiful pictures of your products, there’s also something else you’re working to impress: search engines.

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Search engines go beyond pictures, I tell you.

Are you now convinced you need a fashion content creator?


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