Meditation is an approach to training the mind just as fitness is an approach to train the body. The illustration is just perfect to relate. I am sure you must have heard one or two things about meditation and you are indifferent about it just like I used to be. I used to ask myself questions like can I ever do this? Sit down for some 10-15minitues, quite and mind and focus on one topic? My mind can wander all over the world, I mean I am a day dreamer and so the meditation thing never seemed possible to me but look it worked! It saved me big time and it is still saving me. I am not writing this because I am a meditation expert yet but two and half months of consistent 5-10 minutes daily meditation has made me different from a meditation novice.

Chambers universal learner’s dictionary defines meditation in simple terms which I love. It says it means to think deeply. It further gives details saying it involves spending short REGULAR periods in deep thoughts.  It’s deep in the sense that it’s a meeting with the inner self.  It’s deep in the sense that it seeks for ways to be better. It’s deep and that’s what makes it different from just normal thinking.

Why do people meditate? Let me share my experience. Like I earlier said, the meditation stuff wasn’t just my thing and I never thought of trying it. one day, I was going through my facebook feed and one of my favorite pages, thegirlcode precisely uploaded a post with the caption, MEDITATE! DON’T HATE. It echoed in my mind and it came at the right them when things were not so good with me. You don’t want to know what happened. Loooll, it was a very sad love story. Did somebody say heartbreak? I wish it was just that, it was heavier than that. It was spiced up with disappointment, gingered with insults.. it was just complicated and messed up. I couldn’t even trace the source and the worst part was that I was losing my mind, it was getting at me real hard and I couldn’t be hidden.. I was hating, angry, frustrated..complete the rest for me..loooll so the post occurred to me as a way out because I really wanted myself back. I read up about it and it so worked my people. Like magic!

Consistent meditation about this particular issue made it softer than I ever imagined. Right there each time I closed my eyes, focused my mind, I saw the truth I refused to accept, I saw the signs I ignored, I saw the important things I laughed about, I was telling myself the truth because I saw it clearly. I listened to the sweet and comforting words from my heart and it was so gentle and soft. In no time, I was out of the complex zone! Just that? No not just that, this magic I experienced kept me glued to it and it feels like my brain is growing..lool yea because I weighed it.  I was happier with myself and I still am and it’s been so amazing. That was my own personal encounter with meditation which will remain forever green. A meditation expert chatted me up on Instagram right after I announced my meditation journey with my uploads, if you haven’t seen it( kindly check @adegbola_victoria_omowumi and grace me by following me, I will follow back ASAP), he said to me so how as it been and I told him how amazing it has been. He told me he would be celebrating his 7 years of meditating consistently by May and I was woooooowwwwed. He said he celebrates it like its his birthday, I just gave him thumbs up because I don’t understand that one..lool

If you ask me I will say the best way to go about it if my entire sermon made sense to you, in fact by the time you are done reading this post, it will make sense, is that you find the right fit for yourself. I mean you identify the best form of meditation that works best for you. The types of meditation is right in this post, I won’t forgive myself if I don’t share the link for details.



Is somebody bored already? Nah, don’t be. So I do more of the loving-kindness type of meditation and I don’t necessarily sit like the picture there. Yea, I close my eyes, of course to avoid distraction and ensure I concentrate. My dad is of the opinion that you can meditate anywhere because the diversified form of meditation is what suits Nigerians best. For instance, he said, while you are at work and you are less busy, you can take a walk and meditate as you walk or if you are in your shop and there is no customer to attend to, instead of gossiping, you can as well lie down and meditate.. that sounded cool though but I objected to the meditation on the road.. commercial drivers are not concerned about your meditations especially here in Ibadan, before you know it…let me not say anything..

Honestly speaking, I never saw sense in meditation before now but I will tell you what lead me to it, why it became so important to me and most importantly how I do my meditation. When I made my first instagram post about meditation, a meditation expert messaged me for follow up which I really do appreciate. He gave me more tips and share some contents with me on how to keep fit in meditation. Now what I mean to bring out of my conversation with my instagram meditation mentor is that you have to intentionally choose to meditate, you have to be deliberate with it for you to be good at it and get the expected result. In a nut shell, millions of meditation tips won’t work if you haven’t found a strong reason why you should always meditate.

So the benefits of meditation are numerous, you have to read it yourself instead of me telling you the story

At every pont in life, we face challenges that almost tear us apart or bring us down. Yes, we need to pray about it but worng prayer points sometimes arise from lack of meditation. Maybe if you had meditated, you would see clearly why don’t need a car yet, may be if you had meditated, you would see clearly why you have to quit that friend etc.. we pray right with the help of the holy spirit but it shouldn’t knock out the fact that we should meditate right too..

Comments? Very much welcome, let me know what you think.


  • Posted March 16, 2019 8:49 pm
    by Adeyinka

    For real
    I read and I will say the best way to find yourself in this world is to withdraw like you mentioned and meditate!
    It works for me!!!

    • Posted March 18, 2019 4:30 pm
      by Omhawee

      thank God i have a testifier on this already. Thanks Adeyinka for the sound conclusion. some things just happen some times that almost throw one out of balance, meditation makes the storm calm and shine light to the right path.

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