Relating with fashion oriented people could be like “ what  language is she speaking? And for us too, relating with less fashion oriented people, it is not so easy because we spend hours explaining a single fashion term. It’s like that with various fields anyway but there are some terms in fashion you should understand being fashion oriented or not.

You must have heard these fashion terms used one or more times and you might have used it too wrongly or rightly. Funniest thing about things we think we know is that as much as we think we know, there is this tiny bit of it that we don’t know about. Read the latter again.. you agree right? So let’s continue.

So you are in my class today and I will be teaching you about some fashion terminologies you should know. Don’t make noise while I am talking and make sure to take down your notes….. I am so going to make a good teacher right?

  1. Haute couture

Exclusive, custom-fitted high fashion clothing made for individual customers from high quality, expensive fabrics. The first time I saw this term, it attracted me and I researched about it. Guess what I did, I added it to my instagram profile even while I wasn’t doing it, I have removed it don’t bother going to check… so funny,  so don’t be deceived by this term where ever you see it now that you know what it means. You can tell who is and who isn’t into it.

  1. Monochrome
    obviously, this term isn’t new to many of us just that many of us don’t know what it means.. Raise up your hand if you knew it before now. Any ways in fashion terms, monochrome refers to an outfit or look that is only black and white in color. It can be paired with accessories as well of the same tone.
  2. Label
    The term fashion label refers to upcoming designers who make ready-to-wear outfits in limited numbers. These outfits are high on style and are often expensive than regular store garments but lesser than established designer wear. The difference between a label and a brand is that the latter has been in business for longer and is already a known name. ook I have less to say about this because I am still reading on it to understand it fully.. no questions, any question you have is your assignment.
  3. PEPLUM: Some people even call some side pleated top see what peplum means.. It refers to a top or dress that has an outward flared or ruffled section around the waistline while the rest of it remains fitted. It is so in vogue and I doubt if there is any lady who doesn’t have one in her wardrobe.
  4. in vogue
    don’t tell me you know it already, let me teach you.When something is said to be in vogue, it is means it is currently in trend or in style. If you keep up with fashion trends, you are likely to know what’s in vogue for a particular season. Simple! Thank you.
  5. Bespoke: ahhhhhhh this one is the most confused jargon. Let me just stop there so I don’t remind myself of how I used to mix it up too. Did anybody laugh? Bespoke is A made-to-order garment, tailored specifically to the customer’s measurements and specifications.

7. Pop-up shop: this is A temporary store, either stand-alone or within another store; could be hosted by a boutique, a brand, a gallery or an online store. I am sure you have seen this term on your social media feeds and just assumed you know what it means.

8. Aso Ebi: where are the aso ebi people? Stand up and define aso ebi..loolll I know you will say it is Ankara that people wear for party or lace fabrics.. sit down let me give you the definition in fashion terms. Aso ebi are Clothes worn at ceremonies by friends and family of the celebrants to show solidarity. Clap for me.

9.Fabric: Fabric is the canvas on which fashion creates. When I say fabrics repeatedly, they give me some weird look at the Ankara stores but I don’t mind, I hope they get to read this blog post so they can learn. Oh sorry, I hope they register for this class. Fabric is the base of any outfit and ranges from cotton to organdie, silk to georgette, pannier to jersey, tweed, velvet and more.


10. lapel: The part on each side of a coat or jacket immediately below the collar which is folded back on either side of the front opening. that is that about that.

11. OOTD: Often used as a hashtag (#OOTD) an acronym that stands for ‘outfit of the day’.


  1. ENSEMBLE: A French word, ensemble has been often used by fashion designers, like me and you surely must have heard or read it quite often. In fashion terms, ensemble is usually referred to an outfit complete with accessories, jewellery etc. The whole look is called an ensemble.
  2. Silhouette
    In fashion, a silhouette is essentially the basic shape or outline of an outfit. Honestly, I want you all to start using these terms. Some common silhouettes include A-line, straight, flared, asymmetrical, etc. Wearing the right silhouette according to your body type can work wonders for your frame.
  3. Look book: A collection of photographs compiled by a designer to present their complete collection for buyers and the press. Its different from catalogue in the sense that a lookbook contains just the collection of the designer while the catalogue contains collection of different designers which might not include the collection of the person showing you the catalogue.

Hummmmmmmm, I hope you enjoyed this class. If you have any addition or subtraction, you know you can correct your teacher, please drop it at the comment section below. Thanks for reading and see you next class.



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