I read a post on the ProFashion Designers Platform coordinated by Ks Matins, a Fashion Business consultant that reminded me of how I started my career as a Fashion designer in Ibadan.

I remembered my institution was on strike then and I didn’t want to sit at home. I informed my mom(of blessed memory) about my interest in fashion designing briefly and she took it up. Note: I was not serious about it, I wanted to just sew skirts for myself, that was all. I wasnt even interested in sewing other styles, it was just skirt. She made arrangements for me to start learning with her tailor and my dad backed it up with my fees. Everything happened so fast and I resumed almost immediately. I wished I knew of any vocational training institute in Ibadan that time.

I trained with a less educated person which did not go well with me. I had less educated colleagues that claim seniors because they started learning months before me and so I have to run errands for them(they were all secondary school students when I was already in 200level) and all sorts of other insults. I washed the clothes of my Oga’s kids, fetch water( put the bucket on my head), washed plates etc just to mention a few of my experience while learning in a less educated environment. Initially, I didnt care, but at some point, I was so discouraged! I forgot to mention how we stood for hours when Oga was cutting or sewing.. that was so terrible. Those experiences shattered my interest and I didnt want to learn again but thank God for my parents who supported and encouraged me, infact, I remembered how my dad used to see me off to work and give me extra money for biscuits as if I was a baby..looooolllll. I was looked down upon or called an I-TOO-KNOW each time I tried out new things infact my colleagues gave me attitude because I learnt fast. Similar thing happened when I had another less educated male boss while I served. They are so myopic in thinking and understanding that learning a skill varies from individual to individual, they want their apprentice to see it as a big mountain and so remain with them for years before they agree with their perfections in the field.

I remembered refusing to put on the apprentice uniform because it was so weird…I was like really? learning a skill is not as difficult as these illiterate bosses paint it to be! they just want to prove to be bosses by extending the learning periods, they intentionally hoard some important information so you dont know on time, they send you errand when they are working so you dont see…Jeez! isnt that sheer wickedness? I have been there! Funniest part is that, they dont even know what they think they know! when I got a little advanced, I felt like going back to teach my boss..loooollll.. trust me, fashion designing has gone beyond what they know or what they teach based on the fact that they have been doing it for years..

Now the point I am driving at is that its high time we said YES to training in fashion schools and vocational institutes. The truth is that the learning environment have a major impact on what eventually becomes of us. Some of the people we mingle with at our various citadels of learning eventually become our major networks and alot of them challenge us to be a better version of ourselves. All of these cannot be gotten from the local and less education oriented environment. The 21st century fashion designer is expected to be well trained and prepared to meet up with the trends in the industry. During the discussion I had with BlissbyBola, I remembered how BlissbyBola, our best fashion illustrator in Ibadan mentioned the importance of learning fashion designing in a fashion school siting the likes of ATK fashion school in Ibadan as example. Going to school to study nursing cannot be compared to learning nursing.. the difference is captain obvious. Its high time updated fashion designers take charge of the industry! Its high time we addressed fashion designing as a profession that it is especially in Ibadan. Enough of the road side training from half baked tailors who cant even take accurate body measurements. We dont want tailors who cant create their own styles without the checking through ovations. Potential fashion designers in Ibadan and other cities, choose to enroll to fashion schools and vocational institutes.

Mosh Educational  and vocational Consult is a newly established educational and vocational consult in Ibadan. I  was there in person some weeks ago and I was so amazed at the facilities put in place for the fashion designing class. There and then I wished I had this opportunity when I learnt. This is one major reason why i am using this medium to blow my trumpet of the truth I now know.

The vocational consult provide various vocational consultant services to people especially youths and teenagers in support of the vision of the institute which is to build youths that are job providers rather than job seekers. Furthermore, the importance of vocational education can not be underestimated in the present situation of the country where the rate of unemployment is going high. The vocational services offered is divided into the following categories:

Pompom rug making

Adire Making

Fashion designing

Website design and graphic design

The need for vocational training can never be over hyped. It is needed and I am glad for the establishment of Mosh educational and vocational consult in Ibadan.

This is to say that admission is now open to any of these categories of vocational training you are interested in as facilities and instructors of Mosh Educational and Vocational Consult are prepared to impact knowledge.

You can visit the institutes website for further enquires or send direct messages to them on any of the social media platforms.

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