Do you know I sell fabrics? I mean do you know I am a fabric vendor? It’s the same right, either ways I am reminding you if you have forgotten or informing you if you don’t know before now that I sell fabrics. On this note I will be taking you through the types of fabrics available in Nigerian market.

This post might be no news to up-to-date fashion designers or cloth merchants but people outside these categories; they usually are naive about the varieties and diversities of fabric in the market especially in Nigeria. Thus when they get to the market (online or offline) and beautiful fabrics greet them, smile at them they eventually end up not knowing what to go for. I am not denying the truth that fabrics confusion happen to those who know about it too, I am just saying it can’t be compared to those who don’t know at all. You get.


Oh my my.. its coming first because it is my favorite. Its no news that I love Ankara prints and it is notable for its vividly coloured patterns. Ankara fabrics are the most common fabrics you can find here in Nigeria and there is hardly anybody who doesn’t have Ankara in their wardrobes. Lool that was an exaggeration but if you don’t have Ankara, please get one as an African.

It is sold in 12 yards or 6 yards or 3 yards even 2 yards depending on the seller. There are various ways of styling anakara, I am sure you don’t want me to write about it on the post…check my 2019 collection for briefing.

  1. BATIK

Batik is a unique print made as adire in Nigeria. I used to think batik was Ankara before now, thank God for this blog post that opened my eyes. The designs and patterns of this fabric is created via dye mechanism in a way that the cloths are made to resist dyes by tying (adire eleso) or by applying cassava paste (adire eleko). Just like I love Ankara, batik is the second best fabric I love to work with. The Africana shirt (men), one of my 2019 collection as adire version just to prove my love for its uniqueness. Like Ankara too, it can be styled in various ways. I hope to have it in stock soon.


The light weight of this fabric is its identity. It could be slightly rough surfaced and vary in degree of transparency. If you ask me, chiffon fabrics are very pocket friendly and they are also in vogue. Chiffon fabrics could be plain, flowery, checked etc various patterned and its mostly used by women. I haven’t seen a guy wearing chiffon yet though I look forward to one. Lool. Recent trends include combining them with Ankara to make gowns and tops or with lace materials.

  1. LACE

OWANBE!!! When you hear or see lace, the next thing that comes to mind is owanbe.  Type of lace come in an almost endless list ranging from tulle, cord, paper, sequined, guipure, jute, george, beaded ( this is the trending one that can break needle anyhow). Some laces even come in combined colors or types but in all they are beautiful type of fabrics and are generally known to be expensive.


We call it apose.. so funny. It is still in fashion though not as much as it was when it hit the fashion scene some years ago. What makes this particular fabric distinct is its shiny and furry feel.

  1. TULLE

Tulle is netty. Local tailors call it veil net, well I call it that too most times so they can understand. The day I tried to formed fashion designer at one local fabrics store, I said I wanted to buy tulle, they said they don’t have and it was right in front of them. When I eventually pointed at it, they just laughed and said its called veil net, why will I argue with them? Loll

Tulle is characterized by its fine and light weight properties. It was used majorly for wedding gowns before but trust me the present trend combines tulle with Ankara and lace. Most interestingly, there are skin coloured tulle fabrics that so matches your skin such that when combined with your other fabric, gives a picture of your bare skin at the section of the tulle fabric. I have seen a lot of creative styled tulle combinations that wooowed me..

  1. ATIKU

I wonder why that fabric is called Atiku but what is my business? This type of fabric is cotton and most uniquely can be plain, stripped or patterned. Atiku fabrics come in different grades and are worn by both men and women. It can be sewn as fashionable native wears for occasions especially agbada. Atiku fabrics are really cool for agabda and senator styles. Ladies are not left behind in this atiku fabrics matter, infact they rock atiku agbada and senator styles nicely.

  1. Suggest the rest in the comment section please.

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