I always had it in mind to put this post up but I never did until last night when I saw Oluwamayowa’s uploads on whatsapp and memories of how Tinklingd academy transformed me.

I just relocated back to Ibadan from Lagos around that period and I wanted to do something new. I didnt have a blog then ofcourse I dont even know what it means to blog. Yes, I was that naive.

I was just checking through my facebook feeds when I came across Tinklingd academy’s call for internship.

My application was miraculous. My appointment was magical as well.

The first day I resumed work, it felt like family especially the way we have the early morning prayers(only on mondays) and how did your weekend gists(hilarious weekend gists from team members that will crack your ribs). I was welcomed and yes, I was happy.

I was trained from the scratch. I mean from no idea atall. I didnt even know how to prepare a google slide. It was that bad.

I was scared because I kept wondering how long it would take me to learn. It is indeed a vast field and I just didnt know which one to specialize in.

Tinklingd groomed me, built up my confidence and made me work across brands that gave me hints on what I am good at.

The truth is when I was an intern, content stuffs was far from me. So funny. I dont dare to put contents together because it wont just make sense but months after my training, it grew. It was as if the seed that was planted started growing. Hallelujah somebody.

Weeks later, I improved beyond my expectations. I was getting to know it! I was feeling like a pro and it was such an amazing experience that I cant forget in my lifetime.

Work was like home for me. We were family though we had cliques but it still didnt  matter as you always have to work with someone from another unit depending on your current project.

On my check list  for Tinklingd

Team work- Check

discipline- check


intelectual work- check check check check



Less I forget, while I interned with TinklingD, I was a member to an international NGO, IBuildAfrica, that needed me to do a project of speaking to youths on a topic. TinklingD played a key role in the success of that project which eventually got me some accolades as a chapter lead.

Every thing i know today about Digital marketing, i had the foundation from TinklingD and I dont take that opportunity for granted.


The experience has taught me that nothing is a waste. Everything that has happened or happening to you is not a mistake. It might not make sense yet, but it will make sense eventually.


From my basic knowledge of digital marketing from TinklingD academy, I have not been useful to myself alone, I have been useful to brands that surround me. That experience as simple as it was as been a blessing to me in thousand folds.

TinklingD is a full digital agency involved in content marketing, online advertising, product design and special campaigns. The academy division is dedicated to training and mentoring young strategists. They have an office in Ibadan


  • Posted July 2, 2019 8:24 am
    by Oluwamayowa Oshidero

    Victoria for the win!! Thanks for this nicely written piece about TinklingD and our Academy. All the best in your endeavours.

    • Posted July 2, 2019 11:31 pm
      by Omhawee

      thank you sir. it is the least I can give back to the academy.

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