I am not selfish with relevant contents and I dont skip information worth sharing. Less I forget, have you read the fashion business piece from Olaoye Curtis? If you havent, check it out here.
 So lets get started with what the welcome to July message from our fashion business coach.
Clothing … The Image Alter
To alter means to change something, usually in small measure but with significant improvement.
Clothing can alter a man’s image. It can significantly improve the look of a lady and make her more attractive.
The person who can make this happen is a DEMIGOD!
And that person is you!  The fashion designer.
Just take a peep at the things that clothing can do.
🌻Clothing can help a broke man look rich.
🌹Clothing can help a plus size woman look appealing.
🌻Clothing can make a weak minded person appear powerful.
🌹Clothing can make wicked person look like a saint.
🌻Clothing can make a nobody look important.
🌹Clothing can make a fraudster look like a pastor.
🌻Clothing can make a person with low self esteem suddenly radiate confidence.
🌹Clothing can turn a drab looking wife into a sought after beauty.
🌻Clothing can make a shy lady stand out in a crowd.
🌹 Clothing can start a conversation and win you contracts.
🌻Clothing can turn you into an attraction magnet!
🌹Clothing is powerful.
You are the magician who does all these things for the person who wears your designs.
So the next time you limit yourself in your thinking remember these words of mine.
And it’s still early days in the first month of July.
✨Start the second half of the year with a power look. Alter your image with your clothing so you can attract the kind of people you want as clients.
Don’t join the gang of poor fashion designers who attract poor customers simply because of their poor dressing.
Invest in your wardrobe as a fashion designer.
✨ Never forget that you are a lifestyle solution provider!
Your work as a designer or tailor is to create clothing that alters the image of your clients to reflect how they want to be perceived everywhere they go.
✨Poverty starts in the mind.
Thinking of yourself as a clothes maker who sells cloths is poverty mindset.
But thinking of yourself as a lifestyle solution provider using clothing as your weapon will open doors of opportunity to you – Opportunities you can’t exhaust!
✨Set sales goal for this month.
Financial lack is never far from people who don’t set sales goals.
Don’t be like them.
Set sales goals.
And if you dont know how to achieve your sales goals, let’s talk.
You need to be at the Customer Acquisition one day intensive coaching I’m organising in Ikeja for members of the FashionSix Business School coaching programs.
Holds on July 11. In Lagos. And to be streamed live in a dedicated Facebook group.
Be part of it.
welcome to JULY.

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