Mr Olaoye themed this piece THE ESCAPE PLAN which it is really , I just re framed it to that caption because it dives into the dept of core fashion business. Lets hear from the Fashion business consultant himself.

Do you love your current job? This question would determine how desperately you should go for an escape plan.

If you love your current job congrats, means you can keep your job and your fashion business for as long as possible and If you don’t like your current job, then you should take this session very seriously.

The first point I want to raise is this …

– Don’t think of your fashion business as an escape route from your current job. If you do, you’re only moving from fry pan to fire.

Instead see your fashion business as your vision and any vision that is worth pursuing must be something you are willing to die for and at the same time live for.

This mindset is very important because, your dream fashion business is like every other business with its ups and down.

But the joy and fulfillment of seeing your dream manifest into reality is what will keeps you going. Entrepreneurship is  a 24 hour job with no guarantees.

I say these things to help us have a clear understanding of what it takes to succeed so that we don’t live in self delusion only to wake up to reality that a steady paycheck had its advantages.

I’d be discussing two perspectives to successfully running your fashion business even as a salary earner.
Perspective #1: How to transition from your 9 to 5 to your business full time.
Perspective #2: How to run your side business well and grow it.

Perspective #1:

How to transition from your 9 to 5 to your business full time
A. Start small:
Don’t waste your money getting a shop or office space and hiring tailors and the likes. It’s suicidal. If you do, you have only created a charity and not a business.
A charity in the sense that you have created streams of income for others for free.

This is how you start small.
1. Set  goal of when you intend to resign your current job.

Don’t worry even if the time comes but you haven’t built your business to the point where you can safely resign.

That you set a date will open spiritual doors for you to quickly achieve your goal. In essence the entire life force of the universe will conspire to bring favours your way, in line with you desires.

Once you set the date, your mind will lock onto it and start dishing out inspired ideas of the things you can do in line with your business goals.

Next thing you do is this … commit your plan to God in prayer and ask Him to impart in you the spirit of wisdom like He put in Joseph and Daniel. Sounds preachy abi. Don’t mind me, I’m teaching you how it work in my life.

Do this to secure divine providence on your journey. You don’t want to spend years making mistakes in the name of gathering experience.

Now that we have fixed the divine helps angle with respect to the date you desire to resign, let’s apply wisdom.

2. Set your heart to grow your sales to equal or double your current or future salary.

The only way you can safely transition from your current job to your fashion business full time is to earn income equal to or more than the salary up you are earning at the time you intend to leave the job.

If you leave before then, barring circumstances beyond your control, my dear, you may soon end up in the labour market looking for another job. So be wise to follow this counsel of mine.

Set a goal to earn from your side business a monthly income equal to your current salary. If you are like me, you should aim for double of your current salary. You will sleep in peace and wake up with flourish if you do this.

When you set the date you want resign and set your heart to grow your income from your side business to equal or double your current salary, you then set sales goals. That is monthly sales goals.

That is, you ask yourself, “how much do I want to make this month, next month, and the month after?” For example, you may decide to set N100,000 as your sales goal for February, N200,000 for March, and N400,000 for April.

Do you see a pattern in the numbers? Each of them is double the previous one. This is what I teach my students. You must have listened to the voice note of Dhebbie where she talked about doubling her income and she hit N500k+.

I do this because there is a supernatural law of increase available to all of us, whether we know it or not. That law is the Law of the Double. You can activate it in your life.

Why do we have two ears?
Why do we have two nostrils?
Why do we have two eyes?
Why do we have two parts of the brain?
Why do we have two lips?
Why do we have two legs?
Why do breastfeeding women have two breasts?
Why do we have two arms?
These questions are pointers to the law of the double alive in our bodies.

I want you to know that you are struggling because you don’t know what the lady making millions knows that is helping her.

Wisdom says you should find out what she knows and apply it. You can’t rise above what you know.

We all need destiny helpers. People who know what we don’t know that will propel us to greater heights and people who can speak well about us in the right places.

Since you know you don’t have clients yet, wisdom says go and look for clients, the right kind that can afford your happy price. Simple.

NOTE: Don’t you dare leave your job until you achieve number #2.

For those of us that are civil servants, work towards the minimum number of years required to qualify for pension. You need it. Every penny counts in the pursuit if your fashion business vision.

I will cover it in detail in module one of the FashionStarter course. That module is called Customer Acquisition.

Lemme tell you one true life story to buttress my points.
Ayoluchukwu Chike-Agube, that’s her name. ,She was one of my best students in FashionSix. Her sales goal for the month was N300,000.

September last year, she was a teacher in a private school. She joined FashionSix and I offered her a free consultation session where we talked about her plans for her business.

I encouraged her to set a resignation date. She did. She chose February 2019.

I told her to win the best teacher award so that when she’s leaving they’d miss her greatly. She did.

I told her to set her first sales goal for September at N50,000. She did. Even though she was afraid, having not attained that figure before.

She followed the instructions I gave them in FashionSix. In her own words, she hadn’t even applied up to 20% of it and results were overwhelming.

I told her that the first 3 months will be tough but she should hang in there. She did. Now this was what happened.

Ayoluchukwu earned N30,000 in September. That’s N20,000 short of her target. But it’s alright. We celebrated.

Next thing, I told her to double her October goal to N100,000. She did. And made N60,000. We were overjoyed.

In November, she set N120,000 and made N100,000.

By December she doubled and hit N200,000 thereabouts. At this point she had no choice than to fast track her resignation.

You know why? Her salary was N42,000. At N200,000 she was making almost 4× her salary. So transitioning was easy.

In January she called me that she had tendered her resignation letter.

Now this is the juicy part. Remember I told her to win the best teachers award. The proprietor was sad that she was leaving. So he asked her what she was gonna be doing to fend for herself and she replied, “tailoring.”

When the proprietor  heard that she was going to “start” business as a tailor, a looked-down-upon business in Owerri, he had compassion for her and told her he wants her to be making the branded school uniform of his school! We celebrated this good news.

I told her to show a financial seed in her priest’s life as a connection to Gods favour. And she did. Wait to hear more testimonies from her.

My dearest people, here is my counsel to you. Rather than ask how she coped even though she had a full time job, think of the story I shared with you.

The secrets of men are in their stories. What you need is to create systems. You are seeing it from the perspective of a one man Mopol. That’s  not the way to see it. Where the turnaround starts is your desire.

First you should first desire it. Remember I said at the start of this class that the universe will conspire to open doors for you to achieve your goals. Remember?

Look at the steps I told you Ayoluchukwu took. She simply followed them.

You see, the challenge of how to cope is the least of your problem. Experience the breakthrough first and you will be amazed how swiftly you rise to overcome the hurdles. When you focus on challenges, you will always miss the big picture.

The second part of this seminar will hold next week where I will cover the second perspective, How to run your side business and grow it.

Please understand that you need to start working on what you’ve learned.
– That is, start small, think big.
– Set the date of your resignation. It will keep your mind on the vision to successfully launch your own business.
– Then set goals to achieve an income from your side business that equals or doubles your current salary.
– Stand before a mirror and look at the person in the mirror. Talk to her. Tell her she’s gonna make it. Tell her until she believes so.
– Join the company of people that are getting results. Nobody will tell you before your mind receive resetting.

I hope you got something?



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