When I saw the caption of this post on BlissbyBola facebook page, even before I read it I knew it was  a major issue to be discussed about as fashion creatives.Less I forget, BlissbyBola is a fashion illustrator and a trainer.

Being a successful fashion designer is not just about downloading patterns and working on fabrics to create garments; that is more like 10% of the whole picture!!! A bigger part of the picture is your FASHION NETWORK.  If you are ignorant of this truth before, please understand it now. The well known designers can testify to the good vibes fashion networks has blessed them with.

On this note I am inviting you for a Fashion Network event in Ibadan which would be coming up on the 4th of May, it is just perfect for this period, please attend. The event would be graced with speakers like Ejiro Amos Tafiri, The style Infidel, etc

Networking is important in any career and fashion design is not an exception. Establishing meaningful connections with other fashion designers, fashion illustrators, fabric merchants,professionals, models, stylists and fashion publishers/bloggers/media bodies can give you a whole lot of benefits.

Fashion network should not be put into use when seeking for recommendations or making a new career move alone, it should be part of every fashion creatives because you never know when you might need help  and so if you dont already build consistent relationship with your networks….aarrgghhhhh…it might not be so easy. I can not count the number of folks I have met via fashion networking and I am still meeting more. Most interesting fact about fashion networking is that you meet people very far away from you, I can vividly remember my interview with Brenda Portia Nyagona the Zimbabwean chartered accountant and blogger. that happened via networking and even the one with Alina Teresa 

KsMatins Bodunrin, a fashion business consultant and founder of ProfashionDesigners platform on facebook  supported Fashion Network by stating how it can be effectively done. You can read it here. Fashion networking is not expensive atall, it begins with you dropping comments on the posts of potential networks, like their posts, attend fashion and business seminars, reach out to people.. I mean send them direct messages! or call, alot of fashionprenuers have their contacts on their social medias which makes networking so easy.

We cant make use of the information we are not aware of just like a tree can not make a forest. You need me and I need you too. Fashion Network is the back bone of the trending slang COLLABORATION NOT COMPETITION.

Wake Up!!! Lets do some Fashion Networking. You can drop your details for any collaboration via the comment section and you can chat me up on my facebook @adegbolaomowumi and my instagram @adegbolavictoriaomowumi.


  • Posted May 3, 2019 3:14 pm
    by Sewa

    Where is the venue and time of the network?

    • Posted May 13, 2019 9:20 pm
      by Omhawee

      pardon my delayed response, i linked the details in the post.

  • Posted May 3, 2019 3:37 pm
    by Aderonke Adetunji

    This is very helpful. Thanks a lot. But please, can I get the details of tomorrow’s event?

    • Posted May 13, 2019 9:19 pm
      by Omhawee

      OMG, pardon my delayed response. details of it was linked in the post

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