Have you come across @diaryofnaijatailor on instagram?   well if you havent seen any of their feed, you should check it out.
Have a bite of some of the truth bombshell @diaryofnaijatailor drops from time to time.
This is Nigeria where family members and close friends always expect you to make free clothes for them every time because you went to learn tailoring because of them…
My fellow naija tailors its time to shine your eyes! that era of opening tailoring shop for family and friends have passed.  These same family members and friends won’t give you money for store rent,they won’t give you money to feed,they won’t give you money for up keep with the general excuse Nigeria is hard and everyone is trying to make ends meet.
My dear you didn’t open that your shop as a charity  foundation…it’s time to start making money!
Collect money from those people!  yeh I said it I will break this table today!
Some of us are so scared to collect money or too good(friendly) to collect money like your conscience will be prickling you…it will be doing you like you are not nice if you charge them abi your mind will be tell you that the price you charge is too much….loooolllllll. watch the way they buy cars and build houses while you are still managing that small shop.
No it shouldn’t be so. You are running a business for crying out loud! You deserve to get paid  for  your hard work …Don’t worry even if they get angry leave them to be angry after all if it’s an outsider they will pay ..be bold let them pay you ..ok even if it’s not up to the amount you collect from other people depending on the style anyway.
Now here are some ways to ensure these people pay you :
Step one : Immediately they bring their material and start describing and showing you style tell them the price there and then..be bold to tell them you are running a business and this is your price but you are going to reduce a little bit cause they are close to you
After step one they will still not believe it cause you’ve been doing free so they’ll laugh and drop the dress and give you just money to buy things
Step two : when they come to try their clothes sound it again that they’ve not paid completely
Step three: finally they’ve come to pick up their clothes please tell them in a sweet tone that they’ve not paid in full by that time they it will now dawn on them that kaki nor be leather
Some will angrily pay and not come back  some will still not pay and hold family meeting on top your head ,some will pay and admire your confidence and still come back.
In all anybody that calls himself a friend or a family member should be able to support your business by paying for your services
Collect your money put for pocket don’t ever feel bad about it.
You deserve it baby.

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