I am sure word would fail me if I try to use word to express how blessed the fashion industry is to have folks like Appealia stiches, cut and sew by Lala, Precious Apparel just to mention a few.

These people train millions of fashion designers that they dont even know. To be sincere, I am a product of self development from all of them. They have seized the opportunity of the social media to build a community that builds a 21st century fashion designer.

I stumbled on this particular post from Appealia stitches and I think its worth featuring. This the pain of every tailor that clients are not aware of.

To put relevant content together is not as simple as it is when it is read, I must say so I give the kudos to Appealia stiches for this awesome write up.

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Let’s enlighten you a bit.
You cannot want all the ‘extras’ that come with an outfit and expect to pay less. It’s logical. The more creativity you want, the more cost you will incur.

Please stop saying: “it’s just a simple style na”.
That expression insults the intelligence and efforts of your fashion designer.

The truth is that you have NO idea what it takes. If it was that “simple”, you would have spent your time to sew it at home.

That so called “simple style’ sometimes takes more than a day to complete(tell them sir).
Let me give you an idea:

1. Sewing takes a lot of calculation, mental and mathematical. We don’t just lift a scissors and cut materials. And the more complex the style you have chosen, the more calculation has to be done. Taking time to ensure accuracy in measurements is a key aspect of this.


Image result for image of a tailor cutting fabricsmade to measure


2. Cutting alone takes more than 50% of the job. And we do that WHILE STANDING FOR HOURS!!! The same goes for ironing too. We iron every part of the fabric along the way. You know how tough some materials can be while ironing… Yet, we do all of that while standing!

Image result for image of a tailor cutting fabricsprofessional tailor


3. Then comes the sewing. This can take several hours also depending on your style. Some clients come with fabrics that are embedded with thousands of stones or pearls. We cannot sew those dresses like that. We take time, to remove the pearls before joining (sewing) all the parts we have cut. Thereafter, we start attaching all the pearls or parts we previously removed.

Image result for image of a tailor cutting fabricsstoryblocks.com


Then think of when the outfit needs more items to enhance it.
By the time the designer is done, a day or 2 has passed.


Then our lovely client whose outfit has taken so much time, effort, skill and resources comes and says: “It’s 2 thousand I have for you oh”.


Hello ma, why are you talking as if you are dashing me money?

Is that what you think what I did is worth? So, if I spend 2 days sewing your outfit, you expect me to earn 2k for working for 2 days?

If that is how I charge clients, how will I feed?

How will I pay my rent?

How will I service my machines?

How will I pay utilities?

How will I save to expand my business?

How will I run other expenses that come my way including family responsibilities?

Or that one no concern you?

Your own is to go to owambe parties and slay with 2k dress and leave the maker in penury?



But you will go to a boutique and buy a dress for 15k or more…. And you won’t even negotiate the price.
Worst still, you will go to the party and people will commend your outfit, you won’t help the designer you paid 2k by telling your admirers about her so that she can get more business.

You wont even send pictures of you in the oufit so the designer can be encouraged.

when you  even take pictures, you will post the photos on Instagram and won’t tag the designer.

She will beg you to take photos and send to her so she can put on her page and get more clients, but you will ignore her.

You will be forming at your parties as if it’s Luminee that made your dress.

Be guided. Be considerate. Help a business grow.

You are guilty as charged, dont argue it.

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