THERE is a man in a state who has repeatedly accused  the Governor’s administration of massive corruption through the Media Houses.
The young man named Yusuf was one day invited to the Government house by the Governor, who directed Mr. Yusuf to charter a ‘KEKE NAPEP’ that he (the Governor) will pay when he arrived and that he had already instructed the security details at the gate for his free passage…
Mr. Yusuf arrived as instructed and the Governor told him to let the KEKE man go and that his men will drop him
He gave Mr. Yusuf N200,000.00 to pay the KEKE man as a way of empowering the poor rider as well as to let the KEKE man always remember the very day he brought a passenger to the Government House….
The Governor asked Mr. Yusuf upon his return from paying the KEKE man, ”What was the reaction of the KEKE man after giving him such a huge amount?
Mr. Yusuf answered that the KEKE man was actually dazed with shock!!!
Chai! Did you hear that?
Unknown to Mr. Yusuf, the security details at the 2nd gate had been asked to stop the KEKE man and bring him back…
When the KEKE man was brought back to the Governor, the Governor asked him, ”How much did Mr. Yusuf give you???
And the KEKE man said N2,000.00.
This happened in the presence of ‘Holier-than-thou’ MR. YUSUF!
The Governor smiled and said, ”You see… from N200,000.00 to N2,000.00, you have pocketed N198,000.00 in a space of a second, only you!!!
You have lost the chance to own a brand new car. Look at the key here.
I thought you were a honest man. I was even looking forward to working with you, but you have messed up, you are even worse! You can leave now with your N198,000.00. Thank you very much for coming!!!”
Since that very day, Mr. Yusuf’s voice has disappeared from the radar of Media Airwaves!!!
May our loyalty and honesty never be tested!! Most of us are Mr. Yusuf waiting to happen on Nigeria.
This is one of the most challenging stories I will ever read. God help my faithfulness to be truly faithful
God help us all.
Hmmmmmmmmm.. worth meditating about right? This is one of the whatsapp broadcast messages my dad sent to me and I thought it wise to share. You see one of the reasons why my dad is my role model.

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