There was a very brilliant boy. He always scored 100% in science. Got selected for IIT Madras and scored excellent in IIT.

He went to University of California for MBA, got a high paying job in America and settled there.

Married a beautiful Tamil girl, bought a 5 bedroom house and luxury cars. He had everything that makes him successful but a few years ago he committed suicide after shooting his wife and children.


California Institute of Clinical Psychology studied his case and found what went wrong… The Researcher met the boy’s friends and family and found that he lost his job due to America’s economic crisis and he has to sit without a job for a long time.

After even reducing his previous salary amount, he didn’t get any job. Then his house installment broke and he and his family lost the home. They survived a few months with low money and then he and his wife together decided to commit suicide. He first shot his wife and children and then shot himself.


Now let us come to the actual question, what are the habits of highly successful people? They fail many times but they do not dwell on the failures such that when they tell you about what they have been through sometimes, you find it difficult to believe. Failure is inevitable likewise success but it becomes a problem when you always want to win, you always want to be happy, you always want to have things done easily… Have you suddenly forgotten the popular saying that nothing good comes easy?  If you want to be successful, dont be programmed for success alone. what if your fiance leaves you tomorrow? what if you lost a contract you know you are worthy of? what if your best friend becomes your best enemy? what if all the if are realities? Be prepared to face life as it comes and when you get faced by challenges of life, try hard to keep your head high. Remember that when you are tired, you dont stop! you dont quit! you rest alittle, change your shoes, eat and continue.

First of all, there are many people who will talk to you about success habits but today I am saying to you, even when you have achieved everything, that there is a chance to lose everything. That marriage, that relationship, that job anything you feel so happy about might end anytime. 

Nobody knows what will happen the next minute. The best success habit according to me is: Getting trained for handling failures and disappointments.

If you failed in any aspect of life, meditate about it. If it can be corrected, go back and make the change. If it cant learn your lessons and move forward. Bad things happen to good people too, such is life.

I also request every parent, sister, brother, friends and colleagues, Please not only program yourselves to be successful but teach yourselves how to handle failures and how to move on with life after a failure.

Learning high-level science and math will help them to clear competitive exams but a knowledge about life will help them to face any problem.

Lets teach ourselves about how money works instead of  how to work for money. Lets rise by raising others and lets be prepared to face both good and bad.

If you have any contribution, please do so in the comment session, today is for meditation. What do you think of what i have said?


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