So I saw this post somewhere sometimes ago and yea I must say it’s something we should talk about. It is a very bad habit we all are guilty of. Why will you see a fine picture on your social media feed and because of beef you will not like it? I have heard a folk say the likes on a particular picture is too much already so she would not like it, why? will your own like affect the post? Some will even say the hype on the picture is much and then they skip it. Thank God for features on the social media that records impressions and reach of posts as against the likes on the post.


The issue that annoys me most is the habit of we ignoring posts of upcoming brands, startups and liking even the ugliest pictures of celebrities. Why? Why cant you drop a comment on a post sincerely to encourage the brand? Why would you see posts that requests your contribution and scroll pass it? is it because its not a celebrity who made the post? Some folks who have entrepreneur friends dont even like their pictures on social media, why?

Support  every feed you see with the contribution of your likes and comments. I have been there and i am still there, I know what and how it feels like to feel less on social media. Social media Algorithm is enough restriction to send its users off their balance, fellow humans should not add more burden to it. Drop sincere comments on peoples posts! contribute to discussions! like beautiful posts! Dont kill peoples dreams by hoarding your likes and comments.

On the more serious note, why hide the feel to compliment a beautiful outfit even offline. Why find fault in a creative piece when the real you is woowwed by it? Some even make sarcastic compliments…Why? Why are you a cyber bully? I am not accusing you..looollll I am just asking.

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I mean, your sincere comments on a persons post, picture, outfit, writeup,book or whatever it may be goes a long way in making them a better person.
The comments either positive or negative makes the person improve or make corrections where necessary.
Like whatever pictures that you know is beautiful!
Make sincere Comments! If anyone inspires you, reachout to them and tell them! If you like the way they do, ask them how to go about it!
Let’s rise by raising others.

On the other hand, the fact that yo dont have likes on your post does not make it irrelevant. People are noticing, like my big brother always tell me.  Folks know you are doing great and they are proud of you, they are genuinely blessed by what you do but they dont just want to admit it to you. Dont quit! Dont stop! The breakthrough that will bring exclamation out of their mouths is about to happen. Keep the business going, keep writing the books, keep taking the pictures..just keep pursuing your dreams and be fulfilled in the thirst to achieve your goals.

We are all going to met at the top definitely.


  • Posted April 9, 2019 11:26 am
    by Abraham


    • Posted April 10, 2019 10:48 am
      by Omhawee

      you are guilty of it too right?

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