Somebody told me a story and that’s where I will start from. It happened that two friends were travelling and they hired a car for the trip. The driver sat in front of course while the friends sat at the back each friend sitting close to the door of the back seat with their seatbelts appropriately fastened. They played and laughed at the beginning of the journey. They read at some point too and did a lot of other things to keep them busy in the course of the journey. At some point they were listening to music and mediated about their trip.

in their individual thoughts, the friend on the right looked through the window to the right side  where he sat and all he saw was mountains, hills, trees, animals, rivers and other elements of nature and he said in himself, what sort of journey is this? It’s just so ugly.  I haven’t seen any pretty girl, any latest car version or even a modern day shopping mall..i am so sad I went on this trip in the first place, I thought it would be nice but now I see its it opposite. Then his mood changed and he was unhappy throughout because he never saw anything good in it.

The friend on the left looked through the window to the left side where he sat too and saw the hills, mountains, trees, rivers, birds, some village people having fun at the river bank etc and he thought in himself, wooooow, this is so beautiful. Look at the mountains, they are fixed without anyone knowing the force holding them, the birds are so lovely. He even laughed at the way a squirrel was trying to pluck a fruit bigger than it, how it struggled with the fruit amused him. He saw a little girl waved at him from her father’s farm and he waved back with a big grin on his face. He was so happy and he was like this is the best trip ever.

That story explained it all people. That trip is life as we are all on the trip. The way you see life is exactly the way it will appear to you and on this note I want to tell you how to see the beautiful part of life. Even the rocky, hard and difficult moments are part of life’s beauty; even in your tears choose to stick to the beautiful part of life.

Don’t keep calling your ex, let it go, life is beautiful.

Don’t hook up with someone else too soon, so you don’t hurt another person, life is beautiful.

Don’t cry in front of those who don’t give a damn about you, cry to God instead.  Life is beautiful

Don’t try to be revengeful, karma is real. Life is beautiful.

Don’t think too much about what happened. The contract you lost the breakup etc. Life is beautiful

Don’t keep waiting till eternity. Move on! Life is beautiful

Say thank you to people who do you good. Life is so beautiful

Apologize when you are wrong, nobody is perfect. Life is beautiful

Be nice to strangers, no one knows tomorrow. Life is beautiful

Listen without interrupting, listen to actions than words, don’t ruin friendship with assumptions. Life is beautiful.

Admit you are wrong and let your apologies be as loud as your disrespect because scars of the heart don’t heal fast like scars of the skin. Life is beautiful

Let go people who bring you down. Life is beautiful

Surround yourself with people who radiate positive vibes. Life is beautiful o

Follow your dreams, your heart and your passion. Life is unexplainably beautiful

The list is endless but I am sure at this point of the post you are inspired to see more beauty in life. Take a deep breath and say to yourself, my life is beautiful.

I am getting emotional right now….dont forget to drop a comment below if you have any contribution.


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