I am not a relationship doctor neither am I a marriage counselor. I have had this request to blog about love matter for quite sometime now and I have been postponing it but today I am in the mood to talk about it today.

Let me start by introducing my on-blog-lover in the picture featured on this post, his name is Oluwafemi Are(Are is president in yoruba), he is the creative lead at Femi Are Films and photography and we have worked together a couple of times. He usually takes all my pictures and he is available for travel if you need his services.

In my little experience about love, I am sure we all have our opinions about love but if you ask me, I would say love is more of a commitment. If It were to be some years back, I would have said love is a feeling, a ghengehn feeling that attracts you to somebody such that you just want to be with the person till eternity..loooooolllll so stupid I know. Ofcourse if I didnt think like that and learnt my lessons from some severe heartbreaks, I wont be blogging about it today. Please dont ask me about how it happened, it simply didnt work, thats all!

Jay Shetty is one of my favorite speakers and I have learnt a whole lot from him. I feel it is justified to hear from an expert than me sharing my childish love experience so that we all can learn.


Great right? if you are in a relationship , you should watch this,

if you just broke up or about to break up, this is for you

No matter the terrible experiences of love, believe in love. True love still exists and I wish everyone the best in the journey of finding one. I believe in love I just hate love stories..looolll but I like love gossips. I am sure Jay has done justices to my love topic today and I am glad I kept my promise to my loyal audience who requested for this. You could as well suggest a topic you would love me blog about, i will appreciate it.

I love you too.

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