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Clothing is a basic need just like food. Even a hungry man has some clothing on his back. Yet our clothing industry does not enjoy boom like other industries that tend to basic human needs.

True, we have tailoring shops scattered across town, but it would take more than tailoring to turn a sewing business into a booming business. We hear about Deola Sagoe, Zizi Cardow, Folake Folarin Coker, Ohimai Atafo, Ade Bakare, etc. They made fame and fortune from making cloths. One would be tempted to ask how they rose above being tailors and made it to the league of fashion designers.

This is what every “passionate” up-coming dressmaker must know;


One bane of cloth making in our society today is most tailors dedicate all their time attending to walk – in customers. Customers who specify which design they want the tailor to make for them. Most tailors even offer customers fashion catalogues that contain the designs of others.

This is the biggest killer of creativity in a dressmaker. It is like a singer who dedicates his/her singing career performing the songs of others and never creating their own songs.

The front line designers did not make it to the top by replicating the perfect designs of others(perfectly), but instead they created their own perfect designs. Designers work tirelessly in their workshop for weeks or months, and when the time comes, they display the array of designs they created, either in fashion shows or in shops.

2. You Must be Creative

Making clothes have gone beyond sewing stitches and patterns. Dressmaking is an art and it requires both skill and talent. Intellect is put into color combination, choice of pattern and fabric, metal and other accompanying accessories, etc. A good style need not be cumbersome. Some even consider simplicity key in style and styling.

There is an abundant array of fabrics and laces, Nigerian wax has been brought alive by modern day designers. A good dressmaker explores different cultures and tell their stories through his/her designs. (TO BE CONTINUED)

Thank you very much.

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