The idea to this article is to suggest  positive solutions to curb graduate complain on unemployment and start to develop a skill that would make them a self dependent persons.


Of course, you need not to worry about the meaning of Parapirism because it’s not in your dictionary. It is a word specially coined (by Abiola Oyetunde) from the local language Para in Yoruba which relatively means vex in Pidgin and Upset in English language. So, I defined Graduate Parapirism as the awkward time where graduates find it difficult to secure a job for a long time leading to several unlawful acts and social problems like depression, fraudulent acts, lack of concentration and many more in other to make money.


Let me tell you: You don’t have a money problem, you have a skill problem!!


Sure!!  Skills are things we acquire through the ability to use our knowledge effectively and readily in execution or performance either by learning or developing it (in born trait). You call yourself a graduate; have you ever ask your friend how he or she is making that dough (Money). Oh!  You see him going to clubs, Beach and nice places almost every weekend and here you are wondering how? If you don’t move closer to him or ask him some knowledge based questions, that’s how you will keep wondering oo. It’s  a bitter truth.


As a Graduate, the knowledge acquire from the four walls of the classroom: First Class, Second Class Upper, Lower or what have you is certainly not good or strong enough in the society we are today. Therefore, there is need to explore our God given talent/skills in other to add more meaning to the years used in the higher institution. The 4, 5, 6 or 7years used in higher institution should not be a waste. How can we change the World? Is it by working as a staff in one big organization (Dangote, Virgin Atlantic, and Microsoft) or by creating something that are useful or even have an impact to the world like they did. We continue to use Facebook, Twitter, instagram, LinkedIn and others, can’t we develop our own social media that would go viral and get the fame also?


Here Are 3 Types of Skills You Need To Know.


Functional Skills 

These are your strength build up with inspiration to give you a positive feedback, actions and to perform a task to satisfaction. They are simply defined as one that allow you to develop basic skills in Maths, English and ICT such as To Analyze, Write, Assess, Organize and Promote.


In Born / Personal Traits

These are soft skills that give a brief description of your personality, what you can offer, and what you can do to perform the work or make the organization achieve its aim and objectives through your uniqueness. Examples in this category includes;  The problem solving skills, result – oriented, good communication and interpersonal relationship, good leadership and management skills, good team spirit, persuasion, ability to work under pressure, sales and marketing skills, e.t. c.


Paid or Knowledge Based Skills

These are hard skills whereby individuals undergo specific training, learning and education on a particular subject. You don’t have to get upset, just learn a skill to be self dependent, to contribute to problem solving and also build confidence both in spoken skills and for industries collaboration. Examples include: Digital Marketing, Coding and Programming, Technical Writing, Social Media Skills, Networking, Data Analysis, Project Management, e.t. c.




Digital Marketing entails the marketing of products or services through the internet. Many now use social medias, emails and other websites to connect with their customers that’s why it is useful and the knowledge of this skill make one to understand concept like search engine optimization (S. E. O), Affiliate Marketing, content marketing, email marketing, pay per click(PPC),  native advertising and many more.

DigifyNg is a community and a place to grow your career in digital marketing and communication skills. Their mission statement is to help young people (graduate not above 30)gain and grow livelihoods in the Digital economy in Africa at no cost i.e they provide free training for 8 weeks Boot camp and 3 months internship in different organizations. Follow them on Facebook @DigifyNg, Instagram @DigifyNg,Twitter @Digify_Ng or visit to participate in cohort 4.0 life changing experience in Abuja or to check if available in your country.



These are two important approaches in the software development industries. They include the process of developing an executable machine level program which can be implemented without any error. It involves a way of giving computers instructions about what they should do next which are called codes and programmers write code to solve problems or perform a task as analyzing and implementing algorithms, understanding data structures, solving problems and many more.



Computer networking can be defined as the practice of transporting and exchanging data between computers over a shared medium. Through this, computers are linked together to allow them operate interactively.

Aptech Computer Education provides you with IT training solutions in the contemporary information and communication technologies at an affordable price. Log on to for more information.


It’s never too late for you to learn a skill, pend your degree certificate for it is not new. Many organizations attached relevant skills to their specifications and job requirements and mind you your university is not going to give you everything you need to get a job after graduation.


  • Posted July 12, 2019 9:22 am
    by Olaniyi

    Highly inspirational.. Fantastic writeup indeed.

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      by Omhawee

      oh great. thanks for reading through

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