Story story

Once upon a time there was a king with many wives and children. The villagers love their king so much and he loves them too. Everything was fine with the kingdom and they were happy. The king thought in himself one day about his immediate family, what will be of him after he is gone. His wives are not in harmony, even the children are not in oneness, he predicted the future won’t be well because the wives and children will kill themselves over the throne.

The king was so sad about this imperfection in his home. He has tried many ways to bring the wives and children, all in vain. He decided to make preparation for life after him, he decided to search for a good man to take over after him, a man that would lead and coordinate the people. He didn’t receive visitors for three days and he was in his inner chambers for the three days. He didn’t see or talk to anybody. The king was deep in his thoughts.

There was just a single well in the village and it was well located. This well never goes dry and the water was good. The king came out of the fourth day and sent for the elders. He held a meeting with them. He said, “I see there is just a single well in the village and I thinks it’s wise we dig another one”. The elders agreed with the king though they told the king there was no need for it that the well they have is enough. The king convinced them after stating his reasons for the need for a second well.

Don’t forget that the well is as a result of the kings thoughts which he didn’t disclose to anybody even his elders. He then sent for the guards and told them to dig the second well very close to the first one. The king secretly met with the guards and told them not to dig the well to the point of water. They did as the king instructed. The king went to the newly dug well at night and dropped a calabash inside the hole(the propose second well) and told the guards to finish up the well, probably complete the rings for the well and cover it. Surprisingly, the king asked the guards to put a very big rock on the well. Why? Nobody knew and nobody asked?

The villagers didn’t even bother attempting to fetch from the second well. Everyone went straight to the well already in use. No rock to push, no stress of look for fetcher, no sweat. Some even spat on the second well and said a lot of things about it.  A woman said, are you sure the king was in his right senses when he dug this well? Because its just useless, he could have just planted a tree there or even build a shed there for us.. the other women laughed. Another responded and said, the most annoying thing about the well is this big stone on it, who has the time to be stressing over it when there is an easy and accessible well. For years, villagers sit on the second well while fetching from the first well, they eat on it and even have meetings there..

Years later, a young man visited the village for greener pastures ofcourse. It didn’t take long for him to notice the well and he said he wants the water for the second well. People laughed at him. They even told him it’s a forbidden well, some said the senior witch turned to the rock on the well and they don’t drink from it. A lot of things but he insisted he was going to drink from the second well. He tried to push the stone, he dug, he cut, he got wounded, he sweat, no body encouraged him, they called him names…

Come to think of it, why will he stress himself to drink from the second well? A foreigner for that  matter, let me continue the story.


After two weeks of hard labour, he succeeded. He rolled away the rock. The guards ran to the king, thank God he was still alive though very old, they told him about the foreigner who rolled away the rock on the well. The king told them to arrest him and not let him open the well yet. The villagers were passing and greeting him welldone for his stupidity. They told him to inherit it and all sort. The man was arrested and the king called for a village meeting right at the spot of the second well. He then sent for the man.

King : My people, good day to you.

Villagers: good day king

King: this man here has rolled away the rock on the second well o.

Villager 1: we don’t know who sent him, useless man.

Villager 2: joblessness is affecting him. Unfortunate being

Villager 3: is that why we are here, King, lets stone him. Lets teach him a lesson

King: come here (beckons the man)

Open the well

(Villagers shifts back and were murmuring)

Villager 4: the snake that will kill him is in the well. As soon as he opens it, its finished for him

Villager 5: chai, I pity his parents. Some men wont just mind their business..

(Man opens the well, found a suspended rope and brought it out as instructed by the king)

King: (opens the calabash and brought out the ancestral ring) I have waited for 15 years for this day. I thank God I am alive to witness this. I see the state of my kingdom would be distrastous after I die and I needed to test for a positive craving in the next king. There is no water in the well. I wanted a man who crave to be unique, a man who dare to be different and diligent against all odds. I choose not to tell anybody about this as the gods assured me I will live to see the result. I present to you the next king to rule this kingdom after I die.

Villagers: ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

Woman 1: I knew my husband never crave for good things in his life. I would have been the queen( crying)

Woman 2: what type of husband do I have now… ordinary stone he couldn’t attempt to roll away..

And a lot of regret stories.



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