Today, I join my voice in support of the #ENDSARS protest as we have had enough of these devils incarnates brutality. I would love to start from what @Jeff Okarfor said on twitter as written by Channels Tv among other reactions of Nigerians.

The reoccurring issue of #PoliceBrutality is a clear indication of how untrained, unprofessional, and how uncontrollably violent the Nigerian police are to the people it should protect.#RedefineNigeria #EndSARS#EndPolicebrutality #EndSACS

— Jeff Okoroafor (@JeffOkoroafor) April 1, 2019

Isn’t Jeff Okoroafor right? I wonder how many of these people called SARS are trained for what they do. Infact, I heard of a man who intentionally joined SARS just to revenge on someone who wronged him sometimes ago. I think these so called SARS are noT passionate about the wellness of our dear country, they are not concerned about any peaceful discussion and the only way to go about an arrest is always to be brutal.

Its like their trademark! shooting their fellow Nigerian is a rank requirement for them or lets say being tagged the “Black Sheep” is their pride. The reactions of Nigerians ever since the establishment of SARS has never been satisfactory, see what The Cable gathered from Nigerians

Permit me to tell you who SARS are ceteris baribus.  SARS is a branch of the Nigerian police under the criminal investigating department (CID). … SARS developed from these different forces and now has a nationwide decree under Nigeria’s federal police force to confront violent crimes such as armed robbery, kidnapping and communal clashes. They are not in anyway closer to what they were created for.

I love the efforts Nigerians have put into this #ENDSARS not excluding our celebrities, social media influencers, bloggers and various media bodies. Have you seen or read what Burna Boy said about this issue?


See Nigerians reactions to Mr President when he eventually said something about the death of Kolade Johnson as written by Daily Post.

It is a fight to finish fellow Nigerians, the next victim may be somebody special to you. Join voices with other Nigerians to save us from these saga and destruction called SARS.

Pray for Nigeria and dont forget the hastag is #ENDSARS


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