I have few high heels that I am scared of wearing..loolll dont ask me why?

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I feel like I am walking on two toes whenever I try them on so I permanently switched to flats.

If you ask me, I will say high heels makes you feminine and lady-like. It has a way of influencing the way you walk and they girly feel when you are high on it is another plus.

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Every lady sure has one, two or a couple of high heeled shoes in shoe rack.

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In this blog post, I would be sharing with you, easiest ways to walk in high heels and feel confident without pain. You dont beleive its possible? lets see how it works.


Wear the right shoe size.

The  mistake most of us(I inclusive) make is not having the right shoe size.

NOTE:Your foot size changes over the years, especially after having kids. So, be sure you have your feet sized when you’re buying shoes, for width and for length as well. Dont assume its your size if you dont want to risk falling off your shoes…lloollll just joking.


The thicker the heel, the better for you

If you are not yet a pro in put on high heels, opt for solid heels and not the thin ones. This is because thicker heels gives more balance.

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Wear heels with more coverage top-up

This factor is very important. The more the coverage of your heels, the more hold/grip it has on your feet. High heel shoes with tiny strap coverage are not safe for a beginner.

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Test the shoe around the store

It is important you try your shoe around the store to confirm the sizing and fitness before you leave the store.

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learn how to walk properly in heels

Practice how to wear and walk properly in heels prior to your events or occasions and for longer hours.  Practise makes perfect.

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what other tips do you have? kindly drop it at the comment section below.

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