You heard me right, cut the crap! Stop the madness and stay focused. I recently listened to a message which I will say is the inspiration to this post. He is a man of God, he knows the word and he knows the difference between craps and God. Spirituality apart, the crap glued to him and didn’t let go off him until he align his thoughts to cut it off.

Don’t get bored of my crap preaching, I just want to ensure the crap thing sticks before I break it down. The crap is the rat race competition and comparisms originating from social media especially stealing away peoples purposes, distracting us, making us feel less of ourselves even in our hard earned achievements and always making us say to ourselves, I AM NOT ENOUGH! Crap!

Someone whose been in business for twenty to twenty five years, struggled to be known, relentlessly made efforts to make impacts in the industry and eventually, he made it and yes we are all talking about him. Pay attention to this illustration please. Over his struggling years, his pictures hardly hit 100likes and nobody noticed him. His facebook page was dormant and nobody cared. He doesn’t even have twitter account and none of us looked for him. One day, his hard work paid, God answered his prayers and we all are looking for him on facebook, instagram etc even liking his most horrible pictures that never had likes. Not that alone, we follow his social media so closely that we even compare our level of success with his… you see the crap now? Where were you those years when he was a shadow?

That pastor saw it and you know what he said that struck me? He said he unfollowed all the big men of God already established in ministry. Not because he hated them or because he was jealous, it was because their success story was becoming a crap hindering him of getting to his own breakthrough. I mean it is not magic! It is not as simple as it looks in the picture! It is hardwork and that is the only way to it.

The most degrading thing about being glued to this crap is that it makes you speak negative about yourself, it oppresses you, bullies your efforts, ensures you doubt every potential in you, create fantasies of a fake life in your head and gets you restless just at the sight of the number of likes, comments or followers of some bigger personalities on social media. Crap!

Why do this to yourself? Why do this to myself? Or let me say why do these to ourselves? The brutal truth that slaps is that if there is any brand, anybody that you follow closely and then you begin to see yourself less, you no longer tap the positive vibe to be a better person instead you begin to feel bad because of their own success, you are distracted, you are feeling not enough because of their own good news, my dear, use the unfollow button before you lose yourself. We are our own competition! We shouldn’t aspire to be better than another person instead be better than your yesterday self.

Be proud of yourself and move with only people who make you progressive. I am sure most of these things are not new to our ears, just that we keep going back to it even after knowing the truth. That is why it is a crap that should be burnt.

Don’t just cut it this time, burn it to ashes. Permit me to go get my craps burnt too.

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