Partner with us: TheFashionHub

Omhawee FashionHub is a feature on the Omawee fashion blog that welcomes partnership and collaborations with fashion lovers, bloggers, designers, fashion creatives etc. Collaboration not Competition is the latest trend. My team and I are not adopting it just because it is the latest trend but because it aligns with the vision of TheFashionHub which is to rise by raising…

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Types of fabrics in Nigerian Market.

Do you know I sell fabrics? I mean do you know I am a fabric vendor? It’s the same right, either ways I am reminding you if you have forgotten or informing you if you don’t know before now that I sell fabrics. On this note I will be taking you through the types of fabrics available in Nigerian market.…

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  Before i even get to what i and blissbyBola spoke about that brought about a turn around in my own mindset about fashion illustration, let me prove to you the already stated facts. and another one let me quote Blissbybola, as a fashion creative, if you lack the knowledge of fashion illustration, you are not yet in…

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