Holla guys, its awesome to share my good bad experiences with you as regards original Ankara that do not wash. Really, I feel so bad getting home to find out that the beautiful Ankara that I bought with my money, the colourful prints making my head  turnoniown..loolll (sorry if you don’t know what that means)  sheds its colour like snake when deeped inside water..

One very bad experience I had recently was with a yellow Ankara print. In my mind I felt I was already an expert in recognizing original Ankara, I didn’t know I was deceiving myself. I picked the Ankara, proudly paid the woman and got it packaged nicely in a nylon bag. The funniest part was that I didn’t buy from a store this time, it was roadside and the print just caught my attention. Just on my way home in the cab as I was designing the Ankara in my head and smiling to myself, the woman sitting next to me had a baby on her lap who was crying and she was preparing something for the child(I don’t know what it was). Suddenly, I felt slightly wet and noticed the water already poured on my body exactly the side I placed the Ankara. I didn’t bother to check till I got home and I wanted to bring my imagined style to reality… it wasn’t funny when I saw the map of a country I don’t know on the fabric.. I thought it was the back, I turned to the front same thing and I be like it was Ankara I bought not adire… to cut the long story short, I had to cut out that side of the fabric, ofcourse it reduced the quantity of the fabric and I ended up sewing a pleated skirt that I didn’t wear more than twice before it completely washed off…

So It became a major concerned to be addressed. How to know original Ankara!

  1. Original Ankara is not hard or harsh when it is touched. All those Ankara that feels like brown paper infact some are as hard as carton, they are fake o beware. The real Ankara is soft when felt.
  2. The real test of Ankara is water test. The next time I am going on Ankara sourcing, I am going with my bucket of water because I am so going to wash the hell out of whichever one I will choose.. Just joking. Original Ankara doesn’t run colours when you dip it into water. Any change in colour with water test on any Ankara fabric is scam.
  3. Lastly I read this somewhere that original Ankara always has the manufacturers name at the edge plus product name and design number too. This I confirmed is true because I have a particular client who is also an ankaranified madam, I have checked through the fabrics she brings consistently and confirm that number 3 is true of original Ankara.

I hope this helps and please if you know other methods of testing original Ankara don’t hesitate to make your contribution at the comment section. Stay ankaranified! You don’t know what it means? break it down to prefix and suffix and you will know..lool


  • Posted August 28, 2019 6:37 am
    by Mercy

    Good points

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