Hello guys, its another session for interview. We were in UK the last time with the Chartered accountant and blogger, Brenda Portia Nyagona and it was an inspiring chat with her. This time I am taking you to New York.. who is as excited as I am? I am so excited about my guest. I love her vibes. Working with her in the process of getting this done doubled my inspiration. I would not want to exaggerate her, i will let you find out by yourself.

lets get started.

Can we meet you ma? An introduction of you including all the details we should know about you ma.

I am Alina Teresa, a fashion Designer, stylist, Dance Choreographer and blogger born and raised in New York. I first realized my passion for design in my early high school years of ninth grade. “It all started by just simply designing dance outfits I had in mind from there I just really began to realize how I enjoyed the way certain patterns and designs and colors complimented each other” After I graduated high school in 2011 I began working with patterns , sewing machines and different materials for local weddings. In the year 2012 I graduated from Ashworth College with an Honors diploma in Fashion Retail!  With this diploma I began my career as a fashion stylist. “I tell my clients look good! feel good! don’t dress how you feel, dress the way you desire to be respected” I went on to study management and from that same College I graduated in the year 2017 with  Bachelors of management degree. “I seek to expand myself and those around me. We are who we believe we are and there are no limits to where we all can elevate”  I own a blog as well  www.elevateinfashion.com and I will soon be launching my own clothing Line! “Don’t stop go get it Don’t quit just get it”

hummmmmm.. such a sweet introduction

I see you are both fashion stylist and fashion blogger which I find quite interesting. Tell me about it?

Well I actually started off as a fashion designer in about ninth grade. After graduating high school I decided that I would go to college for fashion retail ! It was then that I discovered my love for fashion styling. I just love seeing others happy in wearing what best describes their personality! Personal style is all about you , and that’s the beauty of being a fashion stylist, taking the ordinary style and making it extraordinary style, bringing out someone to perfection!!! As I began my career as a fashion stylist I never forgot how in grade school I’ve always loved writing/typing essays so I thought , why not be a fashion blogger?! It’s a great way to combine both my loves as a fashion stylist and writer!

Really cool, your response reminds me of how I started my blog too but i wont share the story today because you are the guest so i dont hijack the interview. I will host myself some other time and tell the story.. loool

Can you explain the difference between a fashion stylist and a fashion blogger? as simple as it sounds it could be confusing some times you know.

Sure, a Fashion Stylist is one who gathers and or sets up apparel for his or her clients to wear for any event. Sometimes they help the individual learn and realize their own individuality. They make sure their client is not only looking great in what he or she is wearing but that he or she is comfortable in the attire as well. On the other hand a fashion blogger scouts out fashion trends and topics to talk about online. They gather pictures and different gestures and suggestions to keep their audience intrigued and wanting more!

clearly differentiated! you just dissolved my confusion and I am sure I am not the only one who doesnt know the difference. Thank you.

So honestly which of them do you enjoy doing most? fashion styling or blogging. For me, I think I am cool with blogging.

Great question!! For me , I have to say I love fashion styling the most! It’s just something about putting a smile on all my clients faces that makes me elated!

How is life as a fashion blogger and stylist in your location? Let me not even start to give details of how it feels like here in Nigeria, we will not conclude this interview if I do.

Ah! NEW YORK!!! It’s glorious out here!! New York City is simply the home of fashion so being out here and exploring all the levels of fashion is like V.I.P to me !!

Nigeria my country… it is well. Please lets continue,

What is your drive? I mean what keeps you going in this industry despite the competition and limitations?

I love this question!!!! My drive is in my zeal to succeed . I have this statement called I NEVER STOP…. I say it every time before getting deeply into any of my blogs. I encourage all my Elevation Nation to get involved with me…. I want them to say I never stop …( and finish the sentence)… this will give them a drive to never quite at anything no matter what life places in front of them!!

Hmmmmmmmmm….I think i would start saying the same too. Our words are powerful and what we intentionally remind ourselves of eventually happens to us. I NEVER STOP!

So whats your blogging style or let me say what do you blog about. mine is fashion and lifestyle and i must say its been awesome.

I like it!! Well for me, fashion is changing daily, that’s what I love about it! so I must say that I love to talk about anything whether it be trends, colors, patterns, materials, celebrities , anything about fashion has my attention and as a fashion stylist I’m sort of trendspotting so it gives me an advantage on what exactly to blog about!!! As far as my style goes I like to say things and slogans that will show my personality as a blogger that way when my Elevation Nation reads my blogs they will say , “yup that’s something Alina Teresa would say”

Trendspotting! I got that. Thats a punchline and I am so going to keep it in my wallet loolll.

What do you do when you are not working on your blog? like me I sleep, no, just joking, I sew or cut or sketch new designs or meditate or surf internet or read or write or chat or gist or sleep..lool I actually sleep sometimes.

Hahaha! Believe me, sleep is necessary so I understand you , As for me if I’m not styling anyone at the moment , I love designing on my spare time, watching a great suspenseful movie, reading and DANCING!!! I REALLY LOVE TO DANCE!

Ahhhhh…dance? all my efforts to get some dancing skills did not yield. Only few people are aware of the bad side of me but I am not shy to say it because we never can tell, my God sent dance instructor might just be reading this and offer me a scholarship in a dancing school. GBAM! Thats how I will become the world best dancer..loool

How do you go about your type of styling? I am personally interested in knowing more about fashion styling.

Well, I believe it is so evident to know my client on a great level enough to know his or her personal style. I spend time with the client , go out shopping and communicate just to get to know them. It’s important when styling anyone to make them totally comfortable in what they wear, and they will only be comfortable if you know them enough to fit their personality with their attire. After learning about my client I began to fit him or her in just what is needed to match the occasion, see…personal style is all about confidence in who you are. The quicker I can make them confident the quicker the can FLAUNT IT!

hummmmmm.. another punchline. I  think I want to take down notes.Styling of this sense might not just work in Nigeria. Infact your level of expertise depends on how well you can make an outfit without a single fitting..Let me just hold this particular discussion for another day.

A lot of people are interested in blogging for money, what do you think? I am not denying that I want money too though but I think I have so much passion for. Feedbacks from my audience is worth a million dollars to me.

I think if you make money from blogging then that’s no biggie however, for me I am just into blogging just to share my information with the world. Wherever the wind blows in the future is fine with me!

Name some bloggers you look up to and why? I think I like kim dave, you can check her blog on kimdave.com. she is just so awesome and I really admire her stuffs.

I see, as for me I actually look up to no fashion bloggers at all. I believe everyone has their own way of blogging and I’m just glad to collaborate and share ideas with many of them around the world! Networking is key!!!

Woow! that is so sharp.

Name some fashion stylists you really admire and why? I really admire the creativity of Mercy @thatgiftedgirl on IG, she is so awesome.

Ha! surprisingly none as well! I just got my own style about things in this industry and again, networking and collaborating with any of them would be great !

So we dont bore the non bloggers and less fashion oriented folks with our gist, what life advice do you have for us? what is that word, quote or whatever that keeps you going.. Let me not talk about mine so i dont take over..lool

Haha NONSENSE!! I would love to hear yours! As for me I actually live by many quotes , here are some, Don’t stop go get it Don’t quite just get it ….Look good feel good….and my favorite bible scripture which is Romans 12:12 which states Rejoice in hope, Be patient in tribulation, Be constant in prayer. I believe by living by these quotes and can truly succeed in life!! Simply because there are no limits to life only levels and it an be reached ! Perseverance is key

hummmm, i love that scripture passage too. Since you would love to know mine.. that bible verse that keeps me going is THE LORD IS GOOD AND HIS MERCIES ENDURETH FOREVER! It fuels me and keeps my fire burning.


Its a privilege having this New York fashion stylist and blogger as my interview guest. I am charged up by such productive discussions and I must say, your vibes made mine double of its initial frequency.  Nevertheless, the aim of this interview feauture on the blog is to connect or Network with people around the globe, rub minds together, share stories, inspire ourselves and most importantly learn. I hope this interview with my amazing New York fashion stylist and blogger acheived these goals.

You can follow Alina Teresa on Instagram @alinateresa and on Facebook @Alina Teresa.

Thank you for your cooperation Teresa, I look forward to further collaborations with you. Guys see you next time for another round of interview, i dont know where next we would be going but its going to be great.

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