So i saw Miss B Style Inspo on my Facebook feed and i was cut the long story short, i am having Miss Brenda, a chartered accountant and blogger as my guest this season.. You are so going to love this chat.. lets get stared.

Omhawee: may we met you ma(name, age, education background, marital status, occupation, hobby, location,etc)

Brenda; My name is Brenda Portia Nyagona, 34 years old this March, Chartered Accountant, Single, Travelling is my hobby and I love the camera. i am Zimbabwean based In Channel Islands UK.

Omhawee: i came across your blog page on my facebook feed and i quickly checked you up, i have been stalking you for a while permit me… so how did you start blogging?

Brenda: The blog is in honour of my mum angel who was promoted to heaven in 2017.I have always loved dressing up and taking pictures.But never in my entire life did I ever think would be so brave to be a social media person.Being on social media comes with a lot of risks but when you have buried your own mother there is this braveness you get .So my mum taught me how to put my clothes together she was a smart lady beautiful inside and out.Missbstlye Inspo is for my mum and to inspire all girls out there that whatever dream you have never be afraid go for it and don’t wait for a moment to start living your life.

Omhawee: what do you find most challenging about blogging? for me i think its taking picture because really i love taking pictures but everyone thinks i am an addict and dont want to snap me. i am not finding it funny anymore.

Brenda: For me is taking a quality picture, sometimes I just don’t get it right sometimes I don’t have any to take me the picture.Sometimes its people thinking you overdoing it .Creating content that is appealing to my audience is also a lot of hard work.I have to keep on my toes to research and come up with content that is applicable to my followers and that also catches on those that actually don’t follow me.

Omhawee; please how has blogging helped you in meeting people? i meet people on normal day yes because i am an outspoken person, some people think i talk too much though so i am trying to figure how blogging makes you meet people when you already used to meet people because of your person.

Brenda; It does not limit you to people you only know or people from your country.I love these social sites as you can reach people from different countries and backgrounds.Just like you and me we are from across borders but we have been brought together.

Omhawee; so whats your blogging style or let me say what do you blog about. mine is fashion and lifestyle and i must say its been awesome.

Brenda; I blog about fashion not just fashion but attainable fashion.Fashion that an ordinary woman can relate to and can actually wear and afford.Most of my pictures are clothes that I wear on a day to day basis.I also try to give fashion tips on how to pull different styles together.Im also a travel addict I also at least every Thursday on my instagram post my travel diaries

Omhawee; what do you do when you are not working on your blog? like me i sleep, no, just joking, i sew or cut or sketch new designs or meditate or surf internet or read or write or chat or gist or sleep..lool i actually sleep sometimes

Brenda; Im full time at work with a kind off demanding job so blogging for me is done in the night sometimes even early mornings.

Omhawee; how do you go about topics to write about.. i am scared i will run out of blog posts soon but i got encouraged when i read another blogger says she writes a minimum of 55-60 blog posts in a month, trust me, that fear in me died immediately. Lool

Brenda; I really don’t have a strategy to say this is what I will write about ,it just comes as I go or as I scroll some of my pictures I realise I can come up with a topic that other people can relate to.But with fashion being evolving Im not afraid that I will run out of staff to blog about

Omhawee; a lot of people are interested in blogging for money, what do you think? i am not denying that i want money too though but i think i have so much passion for it

Brenda; Off course everyone loves money we can’t deny that.As for me its the passion behind the money.Nommater I don’t get a cent out of this blogging I’m still motivated to do it.It really gives me a sense of fulfilment.However I keep working hard to have content that is worthy being paid for .People can only pay for a good product.Im just 6 months into this blogging and I keep pushing as a believer the bible says ‘Your gift will make room for you’ So im holding on to that word one day is one day that I shall be located

Omhawee; name some bloggers you look up to and why? i think i like kim dave, you can check her blog on she is just so awesome and i really admire her stuffs.

Brenda; Dr Nandipha professional woman she is a doctor and her fashion sense is on point Chimedzam Zimbabwean fashion blogger who has been so constant and love her style Patricia Bright fashion blogger taking it to another level

Omhawee; so we dont bore the non bloggers with our gist, what life advice do you have for us? what is that word, quote or whatever that keeps you going.. let me not talk about mine because i would take over as the guest.

Brenda; Life is too short do what makes your heart tick and remember its never too late, you never too old to become who you want to be.Never mind what people say they will always talk .In all this nothing comes easy you have to put in the energy and life will smile back at you


  • Posted March 16, 2019 8:36 pm
    by Adeyinka

    Nice one Vicky!!

  • Posted March 18, 2019 2:03 am
    by Brenda Nyagona

    Thank you for this interview. Let’s boss it up in this fashion industry together we can

    • Posted March 18, 2019 4:33 pm
      by Omhawee

      you rock ma! it is so great having you here and i must say we are inspired by your words. lets boss it up like you said..

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