Adegbola Victoria Omowumi

Juggling Farming and Fashion Design

My name is Adegbola Victoria Omowumi and I am a Nigerian based unisex fashion designer.

I graduated with a Bsc Agricultural Economics, University of Ibadan with a Msc in view in the same field.

I am a freak of the diverse creativity in the world of fashion thus, curious to know more, write and relate it with lifestyle. I appreciate imaginations come reality in designers across the globe, how the inspiration clicks and how fulfilled they feel in what they do.
The blog was birthed in 2017 as a medium to express my appreciation, love, curiosity, thirst to know and teach through Fashion and lifestyle.

Everyone is a king or queen of their own kingdom, I believe Fashion and lifestyle of these individuals has a major impact on the type of king or queen they make. I therefore write about these relating it with humans mind just to leave a sense positively,boost self esteem and inspire you.

Omhawee is from Omowumi, my Yoruba name (children are priceless) because I am more inspired by the Yoruba rich Fashion culture.
I practically pick interest in adire, Ankara, aso oke etc and redefine their styles to the 21st century.