Nigeria my country is blessed with alot of creative minds that inspire others in a very unique style. They put up interesting posts, pictures and videos that make people glued to their pages and anticipate more. They are called BLOGGERS!  See, these bloggers are making a name for themselves to a far reaching audience with million impressions radiating positive vibes massively in their niche.The dual purpose of blogging which I enjoy so much is that while bloggers thrill  you with their trendy and fascinating fashion posts , we’re also passionate about educating, inspiring and enlightening our loyal followers.

Some Naija fashion bloggers have succeeded in writing their names in capital letters in the hearts of multitudes of fellow human with what they do. I am a fan of almost all of them though we all have different styles but yet we have one thing in common which is FASHION.

Here is my own list of 11 trendy fashion bloggers from Nigeria you should know and follow.


Akin is a cool and talented fashion blogger. He is a Lagos-based menswear blogger ,writer and medical doctor. He expresses his passion for style and creativity on his social media pages and his blog, Akin Faminu

Kuyet Bamai

Kuyet Bamai is a fashion and lifestyle blogger born and raised in Kaduna State, Nigeria. He is a social media strategist and content creator currently undergoing the National Youth Service programme in the capital city, Abuja. He started blogging in 2015 and has since evolved in his blogging content where he shares his style picks and the “ups and downs” life has to offer.

Moss Onyi

Moss Onyi is a fashion, travel and lifestyle blogger who is based in  Manchester, UK. She is a full time blogger who also works as a photographer and, since late 2017, runs the Moss Onyi blog with her husband, Craig Moss. The blog, is a definition of extraordinary fashion and you will sure be glued to it because it is so thrilling.


Hadiza Lawal

Hadiza Lawal is a graduate with degrees in International Affairs and Mass Communication. She is the founder of food and style blog Hadiza started her blog in 2015 in order to share her personal style and homemade recipes. If you’re ever looking for some style or food inspiration, her instagram and blog are where to visit.


Maryam Salam

Maryam is a graduate of Fashion Marketing and Branding at university in England who is not hiding her love for fashion by starting her own blog in 2013. Maryam Salam is a fashion blogger and founder of The Blogger Point, an influencer marketing community for Nigerian bloggers. She hopes to grow The Blogger Point into an impactful community for Nigerian bloggers to meet each other, collaborate and express their ideas in a safe environment.

Billy Busari

Billy Busari is a founder of  Boldly Billy, a fashion blog  where he expresses himself and his style. He sees his blog as a means to amuse and inspire his followers to be the best version of themselves.

Igee Okafor

Igee Okafor is a  content creator and e creates content for “lifestyle enthusiasts not only to learn but also create all-round conversation about Menswear and Culture”. His Instagram speaks volumes about style.

Igee Okafor was born in Lagos, studied in Paris and Spain and then later moved to the US.


Uka Mercy

Uka Mercy Is languages and linguistics graduate from Ebonyi State University. She is the brain behind , and also a fashion blogger who dedicates most of her time and energy to the fashion world. She is currently a member of the university fashion police and she is very open to fashion discussions and collaborations.

Aderinola Odugbesan-Thomas

Derin is born and bred in Isale Eko better known as Lagos and she loves playing dress up, mixing old goodies from her closet with new pieces to make hot outfits and sharing the awesome results with her thousands of audience. She is a fashion blogger at

Grace Alex

 Grace Alex  started her blog in 2011 as a way to help her get over depression and her open online posts helped her relate with other people having the same challenge. She is a fashion blogger popularly known  as T2pitchy on Instagram. She is a blogger at GA Fashion and is currently studying Communication Culture and Technology in Washington, D.C., USA. She has worked with big brands like Google, Clinique, Daniel Wellington, New Look and ASOS, among others.

Adegbola Victoria Omowumi

Adegbola Victoria Omowumi also known as omhawee is a fashion designer and a fashion blogger at She is a graduate of Agricultural Economics from the university of Ibadan and she is a fashion freak especially with ankara prints. Her style of blogging relates lifestyle, mind fitness and fashion.

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