Omhawee FashionHub is a feature on the Omawee fashion blog that welcomes partnership and collaborations with fashion lovers, bloggers, designers, fashion creatives etc. Collaboration not Competition is the latest trend. My team and I are not adopting it just because it is the latest trend but because it aligns with the vision of TheFashionHub which is to rise by raising others. This is a special call to fashionprenuers across the globe to give us the privilege to
Promote their African made products on our media body. The mutual goal of all Fashionprenuer is to make sales and the best way to go about this is to ensure you are visible to every potential client across the globe and also gain their trust with a good reputation of your brand.
We want to build a team of Fashionprenuers market space right on our media for the sake of the mutual audience goals/potential clients we all have in common.
In a nutshell, why should you partner with us?

1. Your product will be creatively displayed on the blog
2. The team will but of a convincing about content for your product.
3. Your email, contact and social media addresses will be included in the content to refer every potential clients straight to you
4. You as the CEO of your brand stand a chance to feature on the interview page of the lifestyle section. This would add feather to your cap and your brand as well. The interview with you can reach anywhere in the world,don’t forget
5. Every advert and promotion made for the blog automatically serves you too.
6. It is absolutely free of charge..
7. Your business is a partner to our meida body just in terms of boasting each other’s visibility which can be done via your social media.

All that is requested of our partners is to promote the media body from their own end and we all get to rise together.
Sounds interesting right? What then are you waiting for? Spread the goodnews to a Fashionprenuer next to you.
TheFashionHub is the community of Fashionprenuers who rather collaborate rather than compete.

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