While I love discussing and sharing all things FASHION and MIND FITNESS with you all, I figured it would be fun to share a few facts about yours truly and let you all get to know me better than you thought you did. 

I was having my photo shoot session with my super photographer friend, Femi Are,( check @FemiAre photography on Instagram ) and our discussions in the cause of getting the pictures perfect brought about this post idea. I will save the gist of how the photo shoot session went for another blog post.


There and there, I decided to make a post stating 10 things you dont know about me. I am sure these things will surprise you about me because I am not that babe you assume I am plus I really got inspiration from S MARKS THE SPOT to put this piece together, you should check her blog too.


What do you even know about me? loooolllllllll  Hear from the horse’s mouth.



I like work so much that I dont argue it when I am called a workaholic. Its not even like I work with the speed of light or that I am the so energetic boss-lady infact I am unengaged half of the time I propose to work but at all cost finish up the work I have on my schedule for the day.

I just derive joy in *work* not for accolades or titles, I have just grown to admit the truth that an idle hand is indeed a devils workshop.

Less I forget, when the work involves money, I upgrade from liking it to loving it..loolll you know what I  mean though I do alot of voluntary works too. Is meditation a type of work?   Meditation is more like my default setting.

My type of work? let me not assume you know.

  • sewing
  • pattern making(my new found work)
  • blogging
  • content creation and product description for brands
  • surfing the internet for information and trends
  • social media management

Once upon a time, I used to picture myself in new clothes every day…hurrayyyyy! the chance is here! For every event I have, dates, program especially when I am invited to talk, I see it as an opportunity to exhibit what I do with or without talking about it.

I have had alot of cases where folks walk up to me and say it affirmatively, you sew right? i just smile with a nod. 

Isnt it obvious? Somedays, I dedicate time to sew for myself even if it costs sewing into the night.

Invite me over for an event if you want to see my new cloth..loooll



The truth is I am not as serious as I look most of the time. I like that serious I-DONT-TAKE-SHIT look so I put it on most of the time. It doesnt have any correlation with my personality and my belief that life is beautiful.

We can choose to smile or frown at situations right? the ability to know when appropriate to switch from smiling to frowning and vice versa is what we all need. If you laugh too much, you would be taken for granted and if you frown too much, you will be tagged wicked. Know when and how to switch.

As for me, the original me is not by my LOOKS! I know you dont know before, but now you know. loool



I have come to the conclusion many times that make-ups just dont fit me no matter how much I try. My students while I served in a girls only school in Akwa ibom state took courage to talk to me about the need  to apply make-up especially how beautiful I would look with it. looolllll

They dont know how much I have spent buying lipsticks. They dont know how much of my time and data I have invested in taking make up classes online just to mention a few of the efforts I made towards getting used to make-ups.

Over the years, as I grow, I have come to love myself just the way I am. I have come to the realization that the best make-up any woman can have on is her confidence.  I believe every woman should be confident enough to know what works best for her.  For me, nice hairstyles, accessories, nice bath and original adi-agbon(coconut oil) is the secret of my glow.



My father  is everything I hope to be as I grow mature to an adult. He is the most incredible person you will ever meet. He believes in hard work, prayers and contentment that through this, you will achieve more. Just yesterday, he taught me how to give  out  to folks you are better than out of the little you have.

He is truly a godly man. He prays for others and believes fully in doing well unto others. I’ve watched him put other people before himself.  I have watched my dad put smile on peoples faces. I have watched him made relevant contributions in church and big gatherings and I just want to be even more.

He has  taught me to stand up for what I believe in and not care what others think of me. He has taught me titles are nothing but just a while. He has made me this confident young lady I am growing to be.

His favorite quote is *the word force is not in my dictionary* He takes life simple, no competition! no force! no rush! Everyone’s time will come. He also taught me to be happy, not to take issues personal  and expect disappointments anytime especially from close friends and family.

He has always been a person with a big heart. He is my number one role model.



I am a UNISEX fashion designer and blogger(content creator) and I am really proud of what I do. I have met a lot of great minds in this industry that really inspire me to be more in this career.

It is not about the million likes or comments  on social media that defines success, achievement or level of  impact in various careers. The folks that motivate me most do not have tonnes of followership on social media yet they are making impact and inspiring others.

Just like any random 21st century fashion designer,  I go through the entire process from fabric sourcing, to pattern drafting, sewing and finishing when I want to create my designs which I do at my own pace. No rush! No competition!

Infact I recently upgraded to sipping juice when sewing to meet up with my bespoke jobs…to chill you know? looll

I really love to sew and see folks look beautiful in styles I make for them.



Exactly the type of dance in that picture is the only type of dance I know..loollll.

They call it Church dance. I have tried learning how to dance the trending dance steps but its as if it wasnt included in my destiny to be a  dancer. Its hard to believe, I know but it is the truth. looll

Less I forget, I am one of those folks who gives the best dancing steps while sitting down but when it comes to dancing it for real…..story will change.

I tried dancing in my friends wedding sometimes ago, it wasnt so good but atleast, I followed the beat. I am loading to dance in another friends wedding coming soon.

I have not given up on myself in dancing aspect but as of today, I am not a good dancer atall.



The moments to see the shy version of me is in front of the camera.

Ask me to talk to a large crowd, I would not be shy. Ask me to go meet a stranger, I wouldnt be shy, but when it comes to standing in front of the camera..OH MY GOD! I become very shy and I run out of poses.

it is so bad to the extent that I resolved to taking selfies instead of full pictures because I am shy of the camera and I dont know how to pose in front of the camera. I can pose in the absence of camera though….

It is a big task taking pictures for my blog as my best pictures come when I am caught unaware. My photographer friend, Femi Are of course can testify to this truth.

Dont get me wrong. I love to take pictures but the bitter truth is that I am shy of the camera.



I have heard my name being pronounced in various funny ways and I have heard some people say I am an Edo lady..loolll

I am a YORUBA lady and OMHAWEE is from my yoruba name OMOWUMI.  Sorry to burst your bubbles.

My mother is from the Eastern part of Nigeria, Anambra state precisely and my father is from the Western part of Nigeria, Oyo state which makes me an original YORUBA BABE.




You heard me right, I am a farmer. I had my first degree in Agricultural Economics and yes I am pursuing my second degree in the same field.

I really do have interest in Agriculture as much as I do in Fashion. A lot of my friends have asked me if I was sure of what I wanted and my response was:



You know me now?



  • Posted June 19, 2019 9:08 am
    by Segun

    Mcheeew…. Who told you I don’t know. Just remove one, I’m not ignorant of the rest.😋😋😋

    • Posted June 22, 2019 9:15 am
      by Omhawee

      looollll….atleast there is one you dont know

  • Posted June 19, 2019 6:49 pm
    by Adedoyinsola

    Great content! Keep it up!!!

  • Posted June 19, 2019 10:03 pm
    by ororo master

    nice post , it really help us to know ur person a bit …….but there are still alot to how about u…..like vision …mission…..acre value etc….

    • Posted June 22, 2019 9:17 am
      by Omhawee

      hummmm..true.i will work on it. thanks

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